Airtel 4G Challenge is here. Will you take it?


Airtel has today become largest mobile phone operator in the Indian subcontinent with the major market share that it has. And lately the company has focussed its attention towards the roll out of its 4G network across the circles where it has managed to grab a license.

With respect to this, Airtel has come out with a challenge for users which is indirectly challenging other mobile phone operators. Called the Airtel 4G Challenge, Airtel is sure that its 4G mobile network is the fastest when the data transfer speed is concerned any if any other company’s subscriber is able to beat Airtel’s 4G Speed, the company will pay lifetime’s bill of the subscriber.

Now this is quite an open challenge and I personally like how Airtel is has brought out this. The company has also released a TVC and the same has been embedded above.


I have been using the Airtel 4G service from the past 1 month in Gurgaon and I am quite satisfied at getting an average of 15-20 Mbps speed on my phone while the maximum I have got is 39 Mbps (Tested via hotspot on my laptop). And I really hope the network only improves as the days pass.

So are you ready to take the Airtel 4G Challenge?