[Update] Prisma for Android (Beta) now available


Prisma, the name which you might be hearing a lot in the past few days, apart from Pokemon Go, is an app which converts your pictures into artwork. And it is now available for Android user, though as a Beta testing release.

Prisma, which was limited to iOS devices is today available as a Limited Beta release for Android users. You can either download the APK from the link below, or head over to the official Prisma website and register to receive a link in your inbox.

We tried the app and it is fun to use thanks to the ease with which it converts your simple images into artwork. Please note that since the app is still in Beta stage, we faced an issue wherein the camera isn’t working to click pics and it is taking a lot of time for others to convert the picture but you can surely give it a try see if it works for you.

Download APK

UPDATE: As it happens with any Beta testing, only a limited number of users could be brought aboard and now seems like Prisma is no longer allowing new users to use the app and is asking them to wait for the official release.