UPDATE: Symbian Anna Update Available, Installation Issues And Solution

So finally Nokia is out with Symbian Anna update for its Nokia N8, E7-00, C6-01 and C7 handsets. So now the Symbian^3 users can update their devices either through Nokia Ovi Suite or OTA (Over  The Air) directly from their handsets. The update includes new icons, a portrait QWERTY keyboard, faster web browsing and better maps.

As of now OTA update are not available in India as you can see below. The update id of approximately 310 MB so it the device software checker advises you to use PC to update. On the other hand a few users have also said that they have received just 25 MB of update notification while they check for update OTA. So it all depends on the device and the old firmware that you have been using.

I tried updating the device software via Nokia Ovi Suite as you can see below but it failed all the 5 times I tried and until while writing this article it says that no update is available at all. So this could be a reason because of the heavy load over the Nokia servers.

So as a final resort I approached my Twitter friends and @nkumar_ and he suggested that I Use Nokia Software Updater from BetaLabs and try downloading it through it. I downloaded it and it was magical. When Nokia Ovi Suite was showing as No Updates Available, Nokia Software Updater showed as update was available.

So I started the download. After a few download errors, the update got downloaded and I installed it.

After the installation, when I checked the E7 for OTA update it showed that 3 updates of 50 MB in total were available as you can see below. The update including an optional update for Social failed a lot of times again. Also during this download and installation the E7 hung a lot and restarted which stopped the update and i again had to do it.

The above update installed a lot of applications which got removed after the update. These applications installed Qt, Qt Mobility, Ovi Maps, SignIn Updater, Search widget, Video player and Ovi Music Update. It also installs Quick Office and Adobe Reader which get uninstalled after the Update.

So if you facing problem to update your device OTA or Ovi Suite then go ahead and download it via the Software Updater.