First look: Heello – New Social Kid.

Recently Twitpic founder Noah Everett has unveiled Heello, his feature-for-feature copy of Twitter. The move comes just a day after Twitter completed the rollout of its photo-sharing service — a direct competitor to Twitpic. There’s nothing new about the concept as everything here is on twitter. But there are a few things which catch your attention.

Instead of tweeting, users send “pings” to their followers. Instead of retweeting, users “echo” other posts. And instead of following, friends “listen” to their friends. The only real difference is that updates appear in a user’s stream in real-time.

The Welcome page of Heello looks as below

Register now page

The next page is the authorization and linking of your Twitter and Facebook accounts as Heello boasts Twitter and Facebook integration, so your Heello posts can still go to your other social networks.

Next up is the Invite Friends  which lets you edit your tweet and asks your friends over Twitter to Join you with a link provided which would re-direct them to the Heello. Also a wall post can be posted over to your Facebook profile.

After inviting your friends you reach your Timeline. which is all empty as  Heello doesn’t suggest you to follow top celebrities, as there are none. But you may end up Listening your friend who invited you.

When you Ping  the writing box appears as below. And if you click the Twitter and Facebook logos your Ping is posted on both the sites.

Your Ping appears as below on Twitter with a link to read it on Heello

When you go to the Settings tab you can enter your location, write about yourself just like a bio in Twitter. You can set the Timezone too but here you’ll not be able to find India. So instead search for Asia/Kolkata to set your timezone to IST.

You can even customize the background of your timeline just as we do in Twitter.

Universal timeline:

Heello brings in a Universal timeline where tweets from other users appear.

Heello is said to soon support video, checkins, SMS integration, mobile apps and a “Channels” feature that works much like Twitter Lists.

Now coming to the positives and negatives of Heello.

+ things:

  • Twitter and Facebook integration.
  • Can bring in new concepts to compete with giants like Twitter.
  • Simple and large look.

– things:

  • Concept is same as that of Twitter and it appears to be  clone product.
  • No option (until now) to invite friends via emails
  • People already using twitter may not switch as of now as there’s nothing much to do here
  • A user’s stream is real-time, which is quite annoying if you want to click on something in a friend’s tweet.
  • No Login button on homepage when you try to log-in. So users may get confused. After entering your details press Enter to login.

So this is my Take on Heello!  Do leave your views and comments below and share about it with your friends. 🙂

  • Rijk

    the bad news are: no notification about who/friends joined heello, no notification for someone pinged you or something.