Gravity v1.61 Build 6821.

Update: 2 days before Foursquare would close access to all the applications working on its Version 1 API, @Janole, the brain behind #Gravity, which is considered to be the best all-in-one application for Symbian users, rolled out Build 6821.

The build now comes with the version 2 of Foursquare API. This means that now you wont see Jimmy shouting that your application will stop working on August 1. So now you can see all your number of badges and number of mayor-ship you have. With it you can now see a new feature which is the Score.

Other new features:

A few days ago there an update of build 6816 which brought out the following updates

SPAM detection:
Gravity is always liked for the new features that are brought in by @Janole and this time around we have got the SPAM detection feature. Through this feature we can easily come to know if a twitter account is being used for SPAM as many users do report it to Twitter.

GEO TAG icon: We can now see that there is a new icon for the Geo tagged tweets which is much refined.

So go ahead and download the latest build from http:// or

  • Gravity is one of the best social networking client for Symbian phones…But I rarely use it as I really like to use browser instead of apps on my phone