My Childhood was awesome, thanks to these idiots

UPDATE: I started the series on Blogger but since then, have moved to WordPress along with custom domain and hosting. So, I hope you have been redirected to the right page.
The people I am going to talk about in this blog post have been a crucial part of my childhood and it would have been so much boring if I would have not had them. They are:
  • Abhishek Jain
  • Anurag Kasliwal
  • Mohit Haran
  • Pankaj Baid
  • Sagar Makwana

My Fantastic 5:
I have been with all the 5 till standard 5th, after which Pankaj moved over to another school and later on Anurag also changed in grade 9th I guess. But I had so much fun with the 5 of them. We grew up together, played, studied, and shared lunch at our secluded place (read: under Class Teacher’s table).
Abhishek Jain:
AbhishekAbhishek! He has been someone who is very much active in sports and someone I have counted upon since my lower KG. We grew together and came much closer in my 9th and 10th when we used to study together (or wrestle while no one was at his place). He is one of the most intelligent person I have in my life and has made it to the IIT Kharagpur.We were in the same class until 10th but then took up different streams in 11th. I stayed with Commerce with Computer Science while he went ahead with Physics-Chemistry-Math, which also made us anti of each other’s.
We spoke seldom, moved into different colleges and the interaction went down but I still know that he is someone who will always be next to me when I need him at any hour of day.
Abhi-Shake, No one can replace you in my life and you will always have a space in my life, forever.
Anurag Kasliwal:
Anu, again, sportsperson, part of school’s cricket team and very naughty. He was flirtatious and interesting. He changed school but I always got news about him via his lil’ sister Niharika. He is married now and I have not met him but Anu, you will always remain an important part of my life.
Mohit Haran:
Flirtatious of us all, Mohit has been with me till college though we were in different departments and so, we used to meet much often than any of the others mentioned here. Have had loads of fun with him and later on used to meet him at a few get-together. For now, I get news about him from various sources of mine and Mohit, Congratulations on your engagement.
Pankaj Baid:Pankaj
Whichever school or college he went, he made sure that he topped there. One of the most intelligent person, he was the first to leave school and I spoke to him a few years back and felt good to remember all the good times we had together. We took part in a cultural program back in standard 5thand I still have our picture together in our costume. Married now, hope to meet him soon, once I visit Chennai soon. Pankaj, stay awesome.
Sagar Makwana:
Ah, well! Sagar! We have roamed about in God knows which nook and corner of Chennai on his Activa and he is the most accident prone person I have ever met. But, we have a record that how much ever rash he would have driven, we didn’t meet with an accident ever together. I have been very close to his family and I still remember how his mom felt low when he had to sift to Kovai for his college. We met when he used to visit and had a gala time.We have also a few moments which we shall never forget. Driving in heavy monsoon rain on Beach Road, the Terrace incident during which I was pretty much sure that I would not reach home alive but we eventually did.And it is rightly said that Love screws friendship and the presence of a few people in our lives screwed our friendship but we are still close. We met after a long time in Tuticorin when I was working from home for MobiGyaan and he was with Tata. Had a good time and felt good. He is married now and Devangee, I am still to meet you. Soon!
So guys, I hope we stay in touch more often and yes, meet up pretty soon. A reunion is long overdue. Thanks for being there for me and love you loads.