Solution: Ovi Store Problems After Update

Recently I got an E7 for trial for 2 weeks and as I started using it, I got a notification to update the Ovi store to version 2.08 to 2.12. But there was a surprise awaiting me.

After the update, Ovi store was stuck at Loading.. as in the pic above. I searched a lot over the net but couldn’t find a solution to it! I finally approached @NokiaHelps over Twitter in order to at least get some lead.

And then I got a reply from them and asking me to install the Qt files over to my E7 via the Ovi suite as to solve the issue.
The files can be found in the attached ZIP file, and should be installed in the sequence listed below:

1. qt.sis
2. qtwebkit.sis
3. qmlviewer.sis
4. qtmobility.sis
5. Notifications Support Package Symbian3 v1.1.11120.sis
6. Notifications Environment Selector Symbian3.sis

Following this re-installation of files over to your mobile, Ovi store being stuck at Loading.. is solved.
As far as I have noted, this problem exists over the E7, C7, N8.

So to all those who are facing problem with Ovi store, kindly download the Qt files package from below and install them.

Hope it helps.

Download from here