Prisma for Android official app now available


Prisma for Android was available for beta testing last week and today, the app is available for download for Android users. Prisma has taken the world with storm by providing an ease to users to convert any normal photo of theirs into art works. Users can capture pictures from the in-app camera or select any image from their phone’s gallery. 

With functions like zoom in and out, crop, rotate Prisma is very easy to use. Once you adjust the picture as per your liking, you can go ahead and select any of the many art works or filters that the app provides. Do note that you need internet connectivity too, to apply the effect and the speed of the conversion is dependent on that. So, if you are on 2G connectivity, the images will take some to convert. So better try it on Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G connectivity.

Prisma also allows you to share your creation across multiple social networks and other apps with quick shortcuts available for Instagram and Facebook. We are in total awe for the app and have been playing with it since last night and are sure that you would enjoy it too.

Download Official Prisma: AndroidiOS