Samsung Galaxy S6 revealed by T-Mobile


We are just a week away from the official unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphone and the hype is building up with each passing day.

Samsung has posted many teasers of the phone and what we could expect from the device but what you are seeing above is one of the clearest look at the Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphone, courtesy T-Mobile. We can clearly see the Galaxy S6 wrapped display on one side and expect it to be present on the other side too.

The Power button can also be seen and a nice look at the metallic back does excites us. The company also posted a teaser image of the Samsung Galaxy S6 which is as below, giving a nice look at the side of the smartphone.

We are sure the company will drop more hints and a few leaks will pop up as we near the official launch of the Samsung Galaxy S6 which is scheduled right before the Mobile World Congress on March 1st.