New Spam Messages on Facebook To Steal Your Passwords

There is a new Phishing message going around Facebook, which again tries to steal your Login and personal details. I received such a message in mu Facebook message inbox from so-called Facebook Security. 

At the very first look the message looks very genuine, telling you that someone recently reported your account or post as abusive and if you don’t verify your account within 24 hours, Facebook’s system will deactivate your account.

As you can see in the above picture, this is the message that i received. I tried to find out more about the sender Check out the Number 1 in the picture and when you right click over the sender and open it in the new tab it opens a Fake account of Facebook Security as you can see below:

So now you know that the sender is a hacker. Next thing you notice is the URL that the sender wants you to click and verify you account. So now check out the number highlighted in the picture. The URL is http: //apps-facebook-securlty-reconfirm-account. which is hosted at and it is a site which lets you host your blog or site like a professional. So it is definately not a genuine Facebook link. When you click the link you are directed to a fake Facebook kind of page which asks you to enter all your details.

This page is actually a key-logger which automatically saves all the details you enter and the hacker is able to retrieve it in plain texts and so now the person has all your details and can access your Facebook account.

When you notice the number 3 it is the link of the genuine Facebook Security  page.

Remember that Facebook will never ask you for your Password and other details and not to get fooled by any such messages. REPORT such message and the sender to Facebook immediately.

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