The friendships that I have!


UPDATE: I started the series on Blogger but since then, have moved to WordPress along with custom domain and hosting. So, I hope you have been redirected to the right page.

Friends! Who are they? They are ones who can call you names and you do not mind. They are who will never call you for months and the moment you ring them, they will blame you for not being in touch. You fight over it and swear each other but still ask how he or she has been.

Friends are your lifeline. And friendship is one relation which is very important in everyone’s life because these idiots come to you when you are alone and cannot go to strangers and can’t take help from family.

Today, I am starting a series of blogposts sharing the story of my friends, who are limited in number but have played a very crucial part in my life at some point of time and in order of their appearance in my life.


Childhood Friends : Abhishek, Anurag, Mohit, Pankaj & Sagar