Top 8 – Windows 10 Universal Apps


The Redmond-based tech giant, Microsoft, is betting big on its Windows 10 OS for both PC and mobiles to win the race against MacOS, iOS and Android. One of the factor which will play a vital role in this is the availability of various applications for users to make use of.

With Windows 10, Microsoft is providing Universal apps to both Windows 10 PC and Mobile users and today we list out the Top 8 must have apps.

1. Messenger:


Almost each one of us is on Facebook and have been using the social media giant’s Messenger to connect with our friends and family. Windows 10 also has a native Messenger app which provides multiple functionalities which includes sharing Images, PDF, GIFs, Voice Notes and more. You even have the entire collection of Stickers to share with you friends.

The interface is clean and functionality of Messenger for Windows 10 is almost similar to that for Android devices.  The Chat screen between you and your friend dominates the display. You have the option to turn notifications On or Off and to download the Photos of Media on Wi-Fi only.


The Messenger app for Windows 10 thus does away with the pain of using your mobile phone for interacting with your loved ones on Facebook and also not keeping the Facebook Tab open on the browser.

2. Saavn Music and Radio:


With each passing day more people are opting to stream songs online and for Windows 10, Saavn Music & Radio offers you to stream songs and Radio in multiple languages including Marathi, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu to make a few apart from Hindi and English languages. Saavn offers its users to play music from multiple pre-curated playlists, charts, Moods and Genres from various genre. You can create your own playlists.

Saavn Radio lets you choose from the Features stations or artist of your choice and even lets you create your own station. Saavn Pro which starts at Rs.99/month will remove all the ads from the apps, lets you download unlimited songs, listen to them offline in high quality on up to 5 devices.

3. Netflix:


India recently got to taste of ‘Netflix and Chill’ as the US-based online streaming giant entered the Indian market, though with a limited offering compared to its US audience but providing still a big relief for Indian TV Series lovers. And the online streaming experience is nicer when you have a native app to watch it on.

Netflix for Windows 10 OS provides a seamless streaming experience and the UI is similar to that of their website, which is simple. Be it the real-life inspired Narcos or the politically intriguing House of Cards, the buffering is smooth as butter and you all are suggested the various series watch based on your interests and various genre. You can create multiple profiles for your friends and family member too, so each one of you is suggested shows based on your own interests.

Netflix has 3 plans priced at Rs.500, Rs.650 and Rs.800 with monthly renewals for the Indian audience to choose from while streaming for the first month are free. If you opt for the Rs.650 and Rs.800 plans, you can stream 2 and more devices using a single login ID.

4. Twitter:


Twitter, the Social Network where you get connect with your favorite personality, interact with people with the same interests and keep yourself up to date has a neat Windows 10 app which has a simplistic bright user interface. On the left side of the app you have Home (Timeline), Happening Now (Keeps you in loops with the latest happenings from various walks of life. Below it is the Notifications, Messages, and Me Tab. On the lower left, you have the Search, New Tweet, and Refresh button.

The app is clean and could be useful for users who do not like the Twitter Web interface and wish to have a clean app without any apps.

5. Polarr:


With the amount of megapixel count in our smartphones going up with each passing season, everyone is clicking some brilliant pictures on their phones. But there are times when you wish to enhance the quality of the pictures you clicked using a software and this is where Polarr comes in. With functionality similar to Adobe Lightroom, Polarr comes in both Free and Pro versions and allows you to choose from multiple filters, adjust clarity, sharpen, denoise (Pro), work on the toning and loads more.

What makes Polarr best is that it makes professional tools available to users to use with ease.



There are times when we need to transfer some files or data from your smartphone to your laptop/PC or vice versa and it is not always that we carry a data cable. Here’s when comes to our rescue. With the file transferring app famous amongst Android and iOS users, there is also a Windows 10 version of the app which you can use to transfer data in a jiffy.

All you need to do is connect both your smartphone and your PC on the same Wi-Fi network, select the files you wish to transfer and hit SEND.


If you are unable to find connect on the same Wi-Fi for some reason, the app will create a hotspot on your PC and enable you to connect your smartphone to the new network with the password. Once you are connected, just select the files and hit SEND. All the incoming files are stored under Camera Roll Folder. And the best part, the app is FREE.

7. Seven – 7 Minute Workout Challenge:


Fitness is a must for each one of us and here’s where Seven – 7 Minute Workout Challenge comes in. The app has been popular amongst users since it guides users using 7-minute workouts with precise illustrations, timers, and even spoken instructions. Seven suggest workout exercised which do not require any equipment.


Seven offers multiple workout options like Full Body, Core, Upper and Lower body, Fat burn and more. They get unlocked randomly every 2 months. You also have various Achievements which you can unlock with each passing day by recording your workout in the app.

Seven offers in-app purchases for advanced exercises and this is a must have app for your daily exercising routine.

8. VLC:


VLC Player is one of the most popular media player for Windows PC and now the app has been custom built for Windows 10 OS. The app automatically for video and music searches for videos in your PC and but you can also add them manually to play it in the VLC Player. The UI is bright and clean and UX is great. Supporting all major file formats, the playback is smooth and audio output good enough. There were little hiccups while playing any of the videos but we hope it would be rectified in the next update.

If you do give Windows Media Player or the native VLC player amiss for the Windows 10 version, the app wouldn’t disappoint you.

These are the must have 8 apps using which we hope that you will be able to get more out of your Windows 10 PC. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated with more tips and tricks for your Windows 10 PC.