Why is life so cruel? Or is it not?

Life is a BitchThis is one question which many of you might have asked to yourself at least once in your lifetime.

You wanted something or someone and at the very same moment, everything changed and life or destiny, for this matter took away from you, what you always wished for. Seems like that’s how it works.

But it is fair that these things happen to us all? I think yes. Because unless something is taken away from us, we do not understand the value of it. And then, if someone goes away from you, it is time for new people to join in your journey and take you ahead.

I love her to the core and have always have, even after loads of negative things she would have done to me (possible for the betterment of us both) and now it seems it is time to finally let her free, forever.

Meeting her after a year we parted ways was great. It just takes one hug from someone you love, to solve most of your concerns. It was soothing. Lying in her arms was soothing. But all of that is now going to be past. She is going away forever, as destiny as planned. We have lately tried to be together with each other but seems like God has planned something else for us both.


She is not meant to be with me forever, but somewhere down deep in my heart, she will stay forever, for she is the one who has been with me for most of my live apart from my parents. She is cuteness overloaded for me. But seems like our journey is till this junction. And from here we are to part ways as life has different plans for us both.

But eventually, we will always be friends forever, which we have been forever and I hope nothing goes on to change that.  And hey Life, what’s the next surprise that you have in store for me?

PS: I know I have diverted from the topic which I had started with but then it is all a part of the journey we call life!

  • no name !!

    You have her memories … they are there to stay 🙂