Xploree – Intelligent deals discovery & search integrated keyboard


Phone are becoming smart and so are the apps we are using on them. One of the most used app on any smartphone is the keyboard. But what next after predictive texts, swipe, themes and further customization? Enter Xploree, an intelligent keyboard which brings simple content and service discoveries to users.

Xploree brings predictive and intent-based targeting mechanism to deliver relevant information to consumers on their mobile devices at that single point. In simple words, search for a pizza place or air tickets on Yahoo Search which is integrated and you will get results instantly.

Also, Xploree has partnered with Groupon, Grabon and more players to display deals based on your interests without leaving the conversation you might be having. People worried about their privacy do not have to worry much since Xploree comes with strict privacy controls, opt-in, opt-out features, quick opt-outs and more.

A few benefits of Xploree to Mobile User:

  • Experience useful search and discovery without exiting the app, and remain in control of the recommendations.
  • Non-intrusive, non-interruptive, user-initiated interactions.
  • Xploree delivers a seamless user-experience across apps including mobile search, mobile instant messaging, mobile email, mobile commerce, and mobile app stores.
  • Strict privacy controls, opt-in, opt-out features, quick opt-outs (such as incognito mode on browsers).
  • Multi-lingual keyboard supporting vernacular languages such as Hindi, Telugu and transliterated languages such as Hinglish

If you are looking for quick discoveries and use internet search a lot, Xploree seems to be an exciting option. Give it try by downloading it for free from the Google Play Store.